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German Drilling Guild Gun - Escopeta, calibre 16 x 16 x 8.8mm de diámetro de cañón

n.° de referencia: 1901848
$ 1,599.77
Post Falls, Idaho
(208) 777-6310
(208) 777-6336

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Calibre 16 Ga. x 16 Ga. x 8.8 mm bore diameter (Rifle barrel needs to be bore slugged & chamber cast to determine actual caliber)
Estado del metal Handsomely engraved receiver retains vestiges of color case hardening in sheltered areas, balance is gray patina. The action is engraved with florals and scrollwork and has two engraved panels of running antlered game. Barrels are blued with some scattered patches of discoloration and freckling. The solder joint under the right barrel has failed.
Dimensiones LOP: 13-3/4"
Accesorios None.
Miras Tapered front bead sight with pop-up rear leaf sight when rifle barrel selected
Gun Library Post Falls, ID
Culata Cut-checkered walnut, with pancake cheekpiece and Prince-of Wales grip.
Gatillo Double triggers (front trigger has adjusting screw)
Estado disponible
Extremo delantero Cut-checkered, Schnabel tip walnut (Forend has been split longitudinally and repaired).
Fecha de fabricación Proof markings indicate a manufacture date after 1912.
Obturador Fixed - Cylinder & Modified
Estado del cañón Left shotgun barrel shows a moderate dent approximately 6" from the muzzle that is visible in the bore. The right shotgun barrel also shows some anomalies in the bore approximately 3" from the muzzle. Rifle bore tends towards gray with prominent but worn rifling. All bores display a moderate amount of pitting from use of black powder.
Cámara Shotgun chambers measure 2-1/2" on gage - All barrels equipped with extractors.
Cañón 26-3/4" Ehrhardt Lauf steel barrels (solder joints on the right lower rib separating the shotgun and rifle barrels have failed - see photos)
Estado de la madera The left side of the stock shows a crack extending from the sideplate under the hammer pivot and running to the receiver forward of the triggerguard. The toe has been repaired as has the forend (see above) and there are numerous scratches and dents from field use. Both stock and forend show evidence of being refinished.
Culata Lightly engraved steel buttplate

Descripción: The only identifying markings on this Suhl-proofed Drilling are the trademark "Circle Diamond" of Ehrhardt Lauf, a prominent German barrelmaker which leads us to believe it was a guild gun as no one gunmaker has identified it as his individual work.  The proof markings do not include Nitro proofs, the rifle barrel is stamped "8.8" identifying the bore diameter in millimeters and there are no modern proofs indicating that the shotgun chambers are suitable for use with modern (2-3/4") ammunition.  All available evidence points to a manufacturing date after 1912 and prior to the Second World War.

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