Reticle - Nikon BDC

Nikon BDC Reticle

Nikon's BDC reticle offers shooters and hunters a revolution in accuracy and ease of use for long-range shooting. By incorporating small aiming circles into the reticle, the BDC allows shooters precise but unobtrusive aiming points. Each circle of the reticle allows three separate aiming points - top, bottom, or middle of the circle. By matching each load and each gun to these separate aiming points, the BDC reticle offers the ultimate in precision shooting.

The standard Nikon BDC is designed to be used with most standard centerfire cartridges with typical bullet weights, providing aiming points out to 500 yards with a 100-yard sight-in. With magnum cartridges and typical bullet weights, the same scopes with BDC reticles offer aiming points out to 600 yards with a 200-yard sight-in.

The BDC 250 is designed specifically for .50 caliber muzzleloaders using 150-grain powder charges and 250-grain bullets. When sighted in at 100 yards on the crosshair at 9x, the BDC 250 provides aiming-point circles at 150, 200, 225, and 250 yards. The BDC 200 is designed specifically for slug gun loads. When sighted in on the crosshair at 50 yards, the BDC 200 has two ballistic circles that represent 100-yard and 150-yard aiming points, and a lower reticle post that represents a 200-yard aiming point.